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Hi all!

I did a guest post on a friend’s blog this AM, on The Financial Diet – go check it out to read the full post! I make this stuff all the time and you should too. It’s that good.



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Hi all! Sorry for the delay in posting-  I took a holiday break which then snowballed into a few really busy weeks at work, which brings us now to January 28th!

One day over the holiday break (which has been over for some time now, sigh) I found myself perusing the shelves upon shelves of books at my local bookstore. I was there picking up last minute gifts for others and as usual, I found myself wandering over to the cookbook section. Fast forward an hour or so and my quick stop to the bookstore turned into me devouring the beautifully laid out and photographed Homemade Winter cookbook by Yvette Van Boven. Van Boven works as an illustrator, food stylist, recipe writer and culinary editor and is based in both Paris and Amsterdam. The cookbook feels warm and happy – like you’re taking culinary advice from an old friend that has offered up their most treasured food traditions and family recipes. Van Boven’s quirky and youthful illustrations, handwritten recipes, photographs and remnants of the memories from time gone by make this cookbook one of a kind  – the kind you want to purchase and run off home with, canceling your plans for the night and just whip up something delicious.

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Her books are truly magical and I adore the sweet sentiment that accompanies her work and translates effortlessly from cookbooks to product advertisements.

Thanks for stopping by you guys!