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The weather this month on the East Coast has been brutal and we’ve been pummeled with a couple of pretty bad snow storms. The storms have already dumped more snow in these last two months, than we normally get in an entire season. Multiple snow days have left me stuck inside the house and itching to get into the kitchen to prepare healthy & simple meals, that keep me fueled for working at home and shoveling out massive amounts of snow. Some of my favorites have been homemade greek fries, spinach, chickpea, & feta parcels and  green monster smoothies. Take a peek below!

snow day copybeautiful post-snow storm, morning drive

snow day_3

snow day

snowed in carmy car buried under a TON of ice and snow =(  2+ hours of shoveling

photo 1-5healthy bowl of sautéed broccoli, garlic, cannellini beans and cooked wheat berries

breakfastsimple breakfast. avocado + salt & pepper + latte


Green monster smoothie. Spinach, almond milk, banana, chia seeds, almond butter & ginger

photo 3-5Homemade greek food feast! the baked french fries I made, were to die for.
Here’s the recipe:

spinach pieWe also made Jamie Oliver’s spinach, chickpea & feta parcels.
Recipe can be found here

snow day latte

bailee 1Bailee snoozing the afternoon away as usual

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a warm and safe night! See you back here soon =)


Happy holidays and merry Christmas Eve to all of you! Hope you’re sharing this time with love ones and winding down the end of the year with good food, warmth, twinkle lights and wine



There’s only an hour left of September and I had to get at least one post in,
before saying goodbye to this month until next year.
I always think of September as a month of new beginnings and as a chance at a fresh start – it definitely has something to do with the ingrained school scheduling and the fact that I still pine for college life!
I got back from vacation halfway though the month and it’s taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. Visiting Istanbul, Santorini and Athens was insanely magical. There were 11 days of exploration, eating local fare, documenting, and wandering around unique cities. We savored meals that lingered long into the night and enjoyed sunsets the literally stopped us in our tracks. From the towering mosques covered in intricate tile of Istanbul, to the crisp white churches perched atop mountains of Greek volcanic islands – it was all a dream. Below are just a select few of the pictures I snapped – a full detailed post to follow!














Here’s a look at the plants currently flourishing around my backyard patio










After seeing the idea of doing a Summer to-do List pop up on one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes & Cashmere, I decided to put together one of my own!  Check it out below! Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you are all kicking off the start of summer right!

summer to do list




Happy Friday all! We made it! Have a wonderful weekend and keep these tidbits in mind =)




get plenty of sleep.

summer cone

have a summer treat!


do something seasonal.


make a simple breakfast and eat it slow.


go outside & take a walk

MA_book open a book you’ve been meaning to read.

See you all back here next week!


flower bunch

Hi all! Looking at the contents of my last blog post back in February, I can full appreciate how long it’s been since I’ve updating this space with creative thoughts, photos and recipes. I miss it and there really is no excuse for me to not post more often… I have to make time for myself in light of juggling work, new projects, friends, keeping active  and creative endeavors!

Here we find ourselves in mid May and the glory that it the SPRING SEASON, has really started to settle on it and usher the last of the cold away. So much has happened in the last two and a half months that I wish so much to share with you all. A close friend of mine got engaged…. a trip to Florida to see my college dance team (i’m an alum!) perform at nationals where they won 1st place.. a wonderful weekend where my boyfriend and I planted a garden & transferred seedlings that started in the greenhouse, to their mature homes in the ground out in the full sunshine and warmth…a 2 week complete smoothie kick….Mother’s day spent cooking and baking in the form of a stretced out mid-morning brunch..Life is good and this Spring season has been one of the most beautiful yet. Let me share some fun stuff with you!


An insatiable affinity for homemade Green Monster smoothies…recipe via Joy the Baker!


the Dogwood trees around my neighborhood in full bloom

Imagea view of the garden my boyfriend and I planted..lots of yummy vegetables to come

ImageThe perfect answer to breakfast hunger pains. Coffee Protein smoothie with peanut butter & coconut milk


stunning graffiti in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


playing outside with Bailee makes me just as happy as she looks here


the table all set for mother’s day brunch..we scattered old pictures of our childhood by my mom’s place setting

Imageprobably the tastiest scones I’ve ever made. Recipe here! Swapped out raspberries for fresh blueberries


It’s the night before my favorite eating holiday and I am a buzz with excitement to indulge in some really delicious seasonal cooking, spiced wine and a warm couch + fireplace. Less than 24 hours to go before cook time commences and below are some last minute foodie inspiration to either help you along with a recipe idea or to just drool over and get those bellies ready for lots of happy eating tomorrow =)


Hey there Everyone! I hope that your Novembers (not a word) have been treating you well. The holiday spirit is definitely upon us and this past weekend, I spent it exploring the Finger Lakes Region of upstate NY. It left me feeling like I could tackle another week and was a nice way to relax and enjoy the outdoors and beautiful weather – and of course, the first of the holiday spirit tingles.

We hit up about 8 wineries, a distillery, a cidery and brewery. Lots of drinking. Lots of eating. Fluffy stuffed cheesy chive sourdoughs, roasted meat atop harvest salads and crisp clean glasses of cider and seasonal beer. Not too mention more wine sampling than was probably good for me!

During our stay we visited the William Smith Inn, a positively beautiful Bed and Breakfast built in 1873. “Designed by renowned architect Andrew Jackson Warner, this Italianate home features quarter-cut white oak floors with black walnut inlay, monstrous chestnut doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and incredibly detailed, ornate moulding.” Our host was lovely and a breakfast of fruit, granola, yogurt and baked french toast kept us full for the long car ride home through quaint farm land and winding rivers.


Twinkle lights in the wine storage room at Americana Vineyards


Chicken sausage, apple, walnut and aged cheddar salad.


A festive barn tasting room


Load of sourdough, cheese and chive that we ate in one sitting

The “night flight” beer sampler at the Ithaca Brewery


The stunning William Smith Inn in Geneva NY, a house built in 1870 and renovated to become the areas #1 rated Bed and Breakfast


The street view of the William Smith Inn


electric red colored berries near the entrance way


Reusable tote bags from the Ithaca Bakery, featuring one of my favorite fonts, Brothers!


Joe walking in the vineyards


baby pumpkins great you by the door of the Bellwether Hard Cidery

Here was a list of my favorites from the area if you’re ever traveling around the Finger Lakes!

Ithaca Bakery (they have a pretty sweet website too)

Bellwether Hard Cidery

Americana Vineyards & the Crystal Lake Cafe

Chateau Lafayette Reneau

William Smith Inn

Ithaca Beer Company

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


A chai cranberry spice candle to warm the house 

Where the HELL is time going? October came and went in a happy blur of warm spiced evenings baking breads and downing festive drinks and wandering sun drenched farmlands in the fall air. Well now it’s November and the east coast is coming out of its hurricane coma and back to life after a major storm affected our area, leaving millions without power and more homes devastated then anyone of us ever anticipated.
Anyway, along with the power outages came the closings of multiple coffee shops near me. I realize that not having a place to get your morning cup of coffee is LOW on the totem pole of inconveniences that people are experiencing, but it is something that provides the public with a sense of normalcy and a return to life before the hurricane hit. Because there are still no Starbucks open around me, I decided to make my own Pumpkin Spice Syrup and make a latte that could kick some ass – at home.

As I was perusing recipes, I came upon the blog Savvy Eats which is a new favorite stop for recipe hunting. I tried this coffee shop pumpkin recipe out and it came out nicely although it did settle a bit at the bottom of my cup. I tried it both iced and hot and I think I liked it iced better.


Coffee beans, good and patient, waiting to be roasted.

The final pumpkin syrup housed in a clear jar. It doesn’t look as appetizing as it tastes.

The final iced Pumpkin Spice coffee perfection

OH HEY THERE mini jelly cookies.

It seems that my boyfriend’s grandmother made these and left them out in the open for me to find! Don’t mind if I sneak some to enjoy with my iced coffee. Afternoon snack made in heaven.


Thanks for stopping by everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!