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Happy Tuesday everyone!

Below is a collection of photographs I pulled from various sites – all with a calming, open & airy feel. On days at work when i’m feeling stressed,  it helps for me to take a few minutes to sift through sites full of beautiful images that help me get back to my inner zen and refocus myself.




Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 11.38.10 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 11.40.06 AM

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Happy Monday ya’ll – I hope that the weekend was lovely and everyone got a chance to recharge!

Every so often I get really inspired by interior design and I’ll spend hours combing through images of interesting spaces. My most recent obsession has been Industrial styled interiors. There is something I adore about the unfussy and pared down taste of a room that balances warmth with industrial aesthetics like iron fixtures and detailing, with clean white washed walls. I love the punch of the yellow glow that lighting gives off within the simplified spaces. Having less in a room allows you to focus on key pieces like a unique lightbulb chandelier or a long reclaimed wood table, rather than getting distracted by an overly designed room.









Happy weekend everyone!

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day at a Bridal shower full of gorgeous all-pink flower bouquets, champagne, mini hot pink glitter cupcakes, candles and chocolate mice from one of my favorite chocolate shops, L.A Burdick. They package their chocolates individually in glossy tiny brown boxes, finished with bright pink ribbon. Simple and elegant and luxurious enough to house the single mouse. The bride was happy, there was laughter, games and gift opening. I admired the high vaulted wood ceilings and iron chandeliers that emitted warmth from the candles inside and cast us all in a happy saturday afternoon glow.

A very feminine outfit. A glitter collared white lace shirt, black skirt, cream and gold heels

and a light pink Free People coat

The all-pink flower arrangements

L.A Burdick mice in tiny brown boxes and bright pink ribbons

I hope everyone’s weekend is going great, thanks for stopping by!

Oh Fall season how I love you!! Fall is always a time of year that I look forward to because of how colorful everything gets and how productive I feel and how I get to wear loose clothes and piles of scarves without feeling like I am intentionally covering up my body which is slipping into an “out of shapeness” that the winter inevitably brings. hem hem

I can’t resist a night tucked into a fall themed dinner and the cold weather that is enjoyed with a hot toddy, seasonal beer or wine. Any excuse to get cozy in my squashed chintz armchair and read a good book and not go out, is one that i’ll take!

A fall themed dinner shared with loved ones. I ❤ a good festive table setting!

Essentials of fall table styling: Warm scented candles, decorative pumpkins, fall colored bowls and plates and a nice bold red wine !

A gooey and deliciously, perfect French Apple Tart. I used Ina Garten’s recipe that can be found here. It’s easy AND looks beautiful

A haunted looking house enveloped in fog

A beautiful cat named misty whom I just enjoy photographing here. No particular relevance to Fall here! don’t hate

Fall to me always means reading outside with a blanket and a pumpkin spiced iced coffee

What are your favorite moments of Fall?

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As of late I have been cultivating a slight obsession with perusing interior design sites that feature authentic barns that have been renovated into houses. NOW, be aware that there is a balance to be achieved here and I am VERY picky when it comes to approving or disproving of renovations that people conduct on authentically built structures. I feel that one must go for that perfect happy medium between combining the old with the new, showcasing the original structure of the house while enhancing it with some modern touches that combine to make a proper barn renovation siiiing! However, there are those people who completely annihilate what was once inside and drown it out with sterile looking modern design (ie. modern barn renovation, ekk how much white can one’s eyes handle  !!!) , which may work for you, but most certainly isn’t my cup of tea.

Which now brings me to the images of some of my favorite barn home renovations I have discovered in my travels on the web. Close your eyes a envision it… the warm woods and rustic color palettes, large windows fusing the outside landscapes with the interior of the home, the old barn beams running across the ceilings and books upon books stacked into every nook and cranny…. Now THAT’S living!!!



Image courtesy Bringing Design Home

Images courtesy of 1KindDesign

Images courtesy of House Beautiful




Have a wonderful weekend, stay inspired !

So, today I went for a short shopping outing at the mall and every time I go in there I feel like 3 stores open for every 1 that closes. Today I stumbled into two stores that I’ve never been into before, ARITZIA and MADEWELL. Now I don’t know how long these places have been around, maybe I have just been distracted by scurrying over to Williams Sonoma and downing fro yo that I passed them by without ever noticing =/ Either way they were NEW to me!  Whenever I go shopping,  I’m always excited by the interior design of the stores almost more than I actually enjoy shopping! These two stores had gorgeous interiors and beautifully designed window displays, lighting and fabrics. Aritzia reminded me of a funkier more urbanized Anthropologie ( <– ahh ) and had great patterns, Toms shoes and glitter on the walls. I wasn’t able to snag any pictures in Aritzia, but I was drooling over the skinny red denim pants  the Talula Gillian Sweater and the Wilfred Baptiste Blouse, what an outfit! However, my dismal bank account would have never been able to withstand such a purchase. -_-

Next, we popped into Madewell. The color palette of the store reminded me a lot of  Ruehl No. 925 which closed down in 2010 ( and good riddens, bags were like 894682 bucks. Uncool.) However, it had a lot of neat vintage elements, like stacked old cameras, industrial lamps and big steel soap dispensers scattered about, which were lovely. BONUS, they had free magazines to grab so naturally I stuffed my Sephora bag with these the publications (graphic designer win !) I photographed them and wanted to share it here because I’m all about their type stacking and color choices, as well and their fun way of arranging floating merchandise in the product catalog.