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I did a guest post on a friend’s blog this AM, on The Financial Diet – go check it out to read the full post! I make this stuff all the time and you should too. It’s that good.



bootiessuede booties make their first appearance

Homemade ganolagranola action shot! with cinnamon + almond milk + honey

apple picking applesbounty from the first apple picking of the season, compliments of my sister

fall outfitall black everything + a WNYC tote + a floral scarf

With the temperature clocking in a cool 58 degrees this morning (yikes), the first true feels of Autumn hit me hard. As my favorite season approaches, I’m embracing darker palettes for my wardrobe and cooking with my favorite things: oats, nuts, cinnamon, brown sugar, apples & pumpkin.

I whipped up a super sized batch of Minimalist Baker’s Nut And Honey Coconut Granola, which I have now eaten for the 5th consecutive morning, with almond milk and ahem, more honey on top. Fall usually slips away far too quickly and I’m left scratching my head come December, looking around at the snow and my freezing chapped hands, thinking sad thoughts of crisp mornings and vibrant leaves that have all but disappeared.

Here’s to taking it one day at a time, reaching end-of-the-indian-summer goals, and planning out some October challenges, which I will be finalizing plans for and posting next week! Stay tuned! -Lauren


Sometimes , you just need to hit the reset button. This past weekend spent up in Vermont, was just the thing I needed after a couple of very wintry & stressful weeks in NJ. During our travels throughout Vermont, we hit up the towns of Waterbury, Burlington, Essex, Stowe & Greensboro. Yes, I know. A ton of driving. We logged about 18 hrs of it in total. Although, looking out the window at the surrounding farmland, old stone barns, the ice topped beauty of Lake Champlain & rolling green and blue mountains – it’s hard to complain. It was 3 days spent trying out the fare at local restaurants, like lunch at The Prohibition Pig, brunch at the Gables Inn, dinner at Farmhouse Tap and Grill, drinks at the Hourglass bar at Stowe Mountain Lodge and brunch at Sneakers Bistro (i’m still dreaming about the divine Veggie Hash & Eggs I ordered!) We sampled local cheese at the Cabot Creamery and beer at the Hill Farmstead Brewery (tastiest beer in the world!) We popped into general stores to sneak away with bags of sweets weighed in antique iron scales and marveled at toys with old fashioned retro packaging. We slept on our friend’s couch in Burlington, in true college-days fashion & loved every minute spent trekking around this gorgeous state. Oh yeah, AND our car got stuck in the snow going uphill. But fear not! Friendly passers-by equipped with man power & bags of sand, helped us break free. Or rather, roll backwards, free.

Stowe VT

Stowe mountainGazing skyward at the skiers on the Stowe Mountain trails

Stowe church

photo 5Stowe Mountain Lodge at the mountain’s base.

photo 5-4Bear ice sculpture!

trees covered

ridley's spring toy

photo 4-3Love the fun retro packaging of Ridley’s toys

photo 5-3Beautiful vintage French inspired bathroom goodies by Barr-Co.

Black cap coffee cafeI love the red houses + white trim theme, all throughout the state of VT/upstate NY.

photo 1-7Rose de Gambrinus beer from Cantillon Brewery in Belgium, flavored with raspberries!

apple sausage cheese omeletteThe apple + sharp cheddar + maple sausage omelette from the Gables Inn. holy yum.

Overall, the scenery and relaxed atmosphere of the town &  people was refreshing and surprisingly, the extra snow we got while we were up there, didn’t bother me one. little. bit. Probably because I didn’t have to shovel it!

Until next time! =)

The weather this month on the East Coast has been brutal and we’ve been pummeled with a couple of pretty bad snow storms. The storms have already dumped more snow in these last two months, than we normally get in an entire season. Multiple snow days have left me stuck inside the house and itching to get into the kitchen to prepare healthy & simple meals, that keep me fueled for working at home and shoveling out massive amounts of snow. Some of my favorites have been homemade greek fries, spinach, chickpea, & feta parcels and  green monster smoothies. Take a peek below!

snow day copybeautiful post-snow storm, morning drive

snow day_3

snow day

snowed in carmy car buried under a TON of ice and snow =(  2+ hours of shoveling

photo 1-5healthy bowl of sautéed broccoli, garlic, cannellini beans and cooked wheat berries

breakfastsimple breakfast. avocado + salt & pepper + latte


Green monster smoothie. Spinach, almond milk, banana, chia seeds, almond butter & ginger

photo 3-5Homemade greek food feast! the baked french fries I made, were to die for.
Here’s the recipe:

spinach pieWe also made Jamie Oliver’s spinach, chickpea & feta parcels.
Recipe can be found here

snow day latte

bailee 1Bailee snoozing the afternoon away as usual

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a warm and safe night! See you back here soon =)

This weekend the boyfriend and I made our 2nd annual trek up to Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, NY. The place is so beautiful and an essential on my Autumn to-do list. I adore walking around the trails that weave throughout the 80 acre farm, pastures and woodland. My favorite part might be the simple fresh fare from the Blue Hill Cafe and stopping into the charming farm store.

colors of Fall

farm store

inside the Farm storefresh flowers

fresh cut flower bouqets

inside farm store

a wall full of jams and preservesflatbread

goat cheese, corn and onion flat breadplate of farm goodies

From top left – Flatbread, egg/potato frittata, wheat berry salad and Kale & cheddar scone.

After having the Kale and Cheddar scone from the cafe (see picture above),  I was compelled to make a version in my own kitchen, using fresh Kale from my boyfriend’s garden. I followed this recipe and introduced very finely chopped fresh broccoli to bolster the veggie goodness. I paired these savory scones with fresh vegetable soup for yesterday’s dinner, and it was divine!

sauteeVeggies are sautéed to soften before being folded into the batter

mix in

Veggies flour and cheese prepare for Buttermilk!
kale sconesThe finished product, ta dah!!!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone! =)

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this avocado toast food porn


Notice the subtle flakey bits of  salt and pepper resting on the creamy slices of mint green avocado, which sits upon the glory that is HOT TOASTED BREAD. NOM. Those assorted olives, the crunched up parchment paper that sits just so, the chilled glass of lemon water – they all combine to convey a particular moment. The moment a meal is enjoyed, which in this case, is simple, beautiful and well executed.

I appreciate the time that good food photographers take to focus their lenses, adjust the lighting, style their props and arrange food.  I also have a heady sense of respect for them for NOT DEVOURING the food they are making look so insanely mouth-watering. Where does one attain such self-control??? Stumbling across good food photography can stop you dead in your tracks (usually when you’re nearing hangry) and trick you into almost imagining the taste and smell of the item in front of you.  As a designer, I appreciate the consideration of the layout of the shot and how items balance one another. I take note of the colors of the food and the contrasting backgrounds and foregrounds.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to food photographers, stylists and bloggers out there everywhere. You are the inspiration behind so many Pinterest worthy dinners  over which I’ve slaved, that begin with great culinary intent and end in me whipping out my lowly iPhone to photograph the meal at the last-minute, right before I give way to a voracious appetite. Here are some more images of what I consider great food photography, curated from various sites! Try not to let your mouth haaaaang open people!







Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 11.12.57 AM

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 11.13.56 AM



Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 12.53.57 PM


Thanks for stopping by, happy HUMP DAY!

Hey All! Happy Friday!

This is what it looks like here –



So naturally this weather demands lots of sitting in cozy armchairs, reading, TV and some baking!

I had off from work today because of the storm coming through Northern Jersey and between design work and reading, I made time for some long overdue baking. I made these Toasted Coconut and Almond Chocolate Chip Scones – yes they deserve an all cap status. I found via Joy the Baker – one of my favorite baking blogs.

The house was filled was the sweet aromas of the toasting coconut and I couldn’t resist sneaking some chocolate chips straight from the bag, as I measured out and prepped all the ingredients.





They were paired with a swipe of butter and jam and accompanied with earl grey tea. They weren’t overly sweet and the toasted almond and coconut was the perfect soul mate for the chocolate chips and warm bread. NOM. Have a great weekend everyone!


Last night I found myself making my way around my local liquor store picking up some stuff during an annual reduction sale (!) Providing me with an opportune moment to relish the vast array of labels and packaging.

Below is a picture of myself holding a bottle “Yard Sale” from Uinta Brewery. Uinta is one of my favorite craft breweries, and they continue to produce beautiful graphic design work. Their whole line of beer is beautifully branded and I’m very fond of their color palettes and typographic choices which have a very retro feel. Also, that light green/mint color is one of my absolute favorites!

I’m also very much into the Noir feel of the Speakeasy Ale & Lagers beer. I like the illustrations and the way the color takes on the brown paper texture of the cardboard beneath it. Very natural and understated.

Enjoy the pictures below!












Homemade winter book YVB

Hi all! Sorry for the delay in posting-  I took a holiday break which then snowballed into a few really busy weeks at work, which brings us now to January 28th!

One day over the holiday break (which has been over for some time now, sigh) I found myself perusing the shelves upon shelves of books at my local bookstore. I was there picking up last minute gifts for others and as usual, I found myself wandering over to the cookbook section. Fast forward an hour or so and my quick stop to the bookstore turned into me devouring the beautifully laid out and photographed Homemade Winter cookbook by Yvette Van Boven. Van Boven works as an illustrator, food stylist, recipe writer and culinary editor and is based in both Paris and Amsterdam. The cookbook feels warm and happy – like you’re taking culinary advice from an old friend that has offered up their most treasured food traditions and family recipes. Van Boven’s quirky and youthful illustrations, handwritten recipes, photographs and remnants of the memories from time gone by make this cookbook one of a kind  – the kind you want to purchase and run off home with, canceling your plans for the night and just whip up something delicious.

Tarte YVB Summer punch YVB Royal Green YVB

Logos YVB Print

food stuff YVB

Chocolate fudge YVB

Book covers YVB

5 minute salad YVB

All images courtesy of

Her books are truly magical and I adore the sweet sentiment that accompanies her work and translates effortlessly from cookbooks to product advertisements.

Thanks for stopping by you guys!

coffee cake 2

This past Sunday I woke up – nay I felt compelled to get up earlier than I would have liked to because I had this crumb crake recipe on the brain and simply could not fall back asleep until I made it. You see I had stumbled upon this glorious coffee cake earlier in the week via Joy the Baker instagram. However, I was too lazy to go out and buy oranges wasn’t particularly in the mood for orange, I remained dead set on baking a nice little crumb topped cake to accompany some hot creamed coffee on my favorite morning of the week. I followed Martha Stewart’s recipe for Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake.

crumb cake 1

crumb cake 4

crumb cake 3

As with all things Martha, mine did not come out as perfect as her photograph showed. Mine didn’t turn out as volumous because after I poured the batter into my too-big spring form pan , I realized there was not going to be any “in between” layer but rather one layer with some struesel topping swirled throughout, while the majority sat packed atop the cake in all it’s buttery sugared nutty goodness. It was moist and delicious and the perfect way to start a new week and a beautiful, wintery Sunday.