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bootiessuede booties make their first appearance

Homemade ganolagranola action shot! with cinnamon + almond milk + honey

apple picking applesbounty from the first apple picking of the season, compliments of my sister

fall outfitall black everything + a WNYC tote + a floral scarf

With the temperature clocking in a cool 58 degrees this morning (yikes), the first true feels of Autumn hit me hard. As my favorite season approaches, I’m embracing darker palettes for my wardrobe and cooking with my favorite things: oats, nuts, cinnamon, brown sugar, apples & pumpkin.

I whipped up a super sized batch of Minimalist Baker’s Nut And Honey Coconut Granola, which I have now eaten for the 5th consecutive morning, with almond milk and ahem, more honey on top. Fall usually slips away far too quickly and I’m left scratching my head come December, looking around at the snow and my freezing chapped hands, thinking sad thoughts of crisp mornings and vibrant leaves that have all but disappeared.

Here’s to taking it one day at a time, reaching end-of-the-indian-summer goals, and planning out some October challenges, which I will be finalizing plans for and posting next week! Stay tuned! -Lauren



Ever  since I received the above necklace for Christmas, which I thought I’d NEVER be able to pull off – I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it worked with a number of outfits and how it added just the right amount of sparkle. My style is low-key, lots of patterns and color, but nothing too flashy. This chunky jewel necklace is a way to lively up an outfit any day of the feel week, without feeling like I’m trying too hard or look too “blinged out.” That being said, I been trolling the internet for more jewel inspired looks and pops of tasteful sparkle to incorporate my daily wardrobe. Take a look!







tumblr_mxee9phCkM1ru00c7o1_1280All images via &



moonriseAfter some thinking, my boyfriend and I decided on dressing up as Sam Shakusky & Suzy bishop from Moonrise Kingdom this Halloween. (Pssst – The gorgeous font created for the movie was designed by non other than the talented Jessica Hische ) The movie follows Sam & Suzy on an eccentric adolescent love story. The movie is sweet and  beautifully shot. I actually love Suzy’s get-up, so it will l be a thrill to don the 60s mod look a few times, for this years Halloween celebrations, without attracting too much attention from those who would otherwise think I was caught in a time warp.

suzu bishop costume


This past Saturday I headed into NYC and visited  the Craftacular & Food Fair sponsored by BUST Magazine in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood. Being able to see so many talented artists and designers, knitters, jewelry makers, photographers, food enthusiasts, painters and printers come together in one place to sell their handmade items and appreciate the work of others, was a great big jolt of creative inspiration. A lot of the artists there had Etsy shops and it was lovely to meet the men and women behind the work  in person. It offered me a chance to talk to them about their process and to hear them speak about their work and why they love it. Craftacular also served up some fine craft beer that I found to be the perfect accompaniment to the visual feast I was treated to!

main room

Main room with 200+ vendors

craft fair

hand drawn and letterpress printed holiday cards and calendars


refreshments yum

craft paper table top

A creative  jewelry display


unique plate sets

printed type

vintage typographic prints


a graphic print dress + leather riding boots for a day of walking

mud truck 2

We  stopped at Mudtruck for coffee en route. The Caramel Cappuccino was delicious

mud truck

Overall, I was impressed with the diversity of artists brought together by BUST Magazine and felt that the $3 admissions was more than fair to pay to gain entrance. Also, I can’t lie – picking up the unique, hand drawn and illustrated business cards & small zines at each table , which were provided by the artists, was something of “kid got loose in a candy store story”….and I am not ashamed.

=) Thanks for stopping by ya’ll!

Florence Welch you are a goddess of music, style and effortless cool. This Monday morning I am dedicating a post to the inspiring style and auditory perfection that is Florence welch of Florence + the machine. Not only does she have one of the most stunning and unique voices but she has got some seriously cool style to pair it with. Badass all-black, ethereal flower headbands, acid wash high rise denim, linen blazers, long brightly printed dresses and that signature bright red hair. This girl can pull off any look and I appreciate her strong sense of personal style that sets her above the rest.

Some of my favorite Florence + the Machine songs are:


Shake it out



Breaking down

What the water gave me

Never let me go

As Monday draws to a close and each evening fades into darkness more quickly than the last, let me leave you with some bright, jewel toned teal inspiration.

All images via Anthropologie’s website

Here’s to a happy start of your week!

Happy weekend everyone!

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day at a Bridal shower full of gorgeous all-pink flower bouquets, champagne, mini hot pink glitter cupcakes, candles and chocolate mice from one of my favorite chocolate shops, L.A Burdick. They package their chocolates individually in glossy tiny brown boxes, finished with bright pink ribbon. Simple and elegant and luxurious enough to house the single mouse. The bride was happy, there was laughter, games and gift opening. I admired the high vaulted wood ceilings and iron chandeliers that emitted warmth from the candles inside and cast us all in a happy saturday afternoon glow.

A very feminine outfit. A glitter collared white lace shirt, black skirt, cream and gold heels

and a light pink Free People coat

The all-pink flower arrangements

L.A Burdick mice in tiny brown boxes and bright pink ribbons

I hope everyone’s weekend is going great, thanks for stopping by!

Hi all, happy Thursday!

Thursday means it’s almost Friday which means that the weekend has almost arrived, for which I have a ton of blog related fun stuff to get done so I can share with you guys real soon =) *Grinning* Here are a couple of adorable things that I’m crushing on lately.

My new cow mug. The mug shows the Blue Hill cow ” taking her stand against the disposables!” Right on Blue Hill cow.

The handle on it is wide and perfectly fits my hand and glancing over at that cow silhouette just makes me smile mid-work day

A little rhinestone bow ring.

Something about a little element of glam is the only thing you need to make you feel dressed up =)

A fun glitter bow headband (picture via the glitter guide)

Okay so maybe i’m just really feeling glitter lately which may have something to do with the gray overcast skies and the dreary weather.

This Sephora lipstick called “It Girl”

Just a little goes a long way. When I wear it I feel bold & trendy even though I do not consider myself either one of those things =)

A minimalist necklace like this one from blogger Rachel Ball of Elephantine.

I adore all of her stuff and her simple elegant approach to jewelry.

Thanks for stopping by =)

Hello all!!! Lovely to see you here!

So lately, my boyfriend and I have been on an absolute cooking/baking binge and we have spent the near entirety of the last couple of Saturdays food shopping and turning all the colorful ingredients into some pretty awesome meals! We’ve made jars of homemade granola, roasted pear and pepperoni pizza, buttermilk chicken, curried tomato soup, zucchini fritters with tzatziki sauce, lentils and root vegetable soup… the works! Now although food in my eyes is not specifically related to design, the gorgeously run food blogs that inspire me to do the cooking, very much are. Check out a food blog that has recently  become yet ANOTHER one of my daily check ins for the sweet musings of creator Heidi and the healthy and natural food her creates. Her food photography style reinforces the simple and beautiful quality of her recipes. She is a vegetarian which is another facet that has me hooked because I am always on the lookout for tasty vegetable dishes to make as main courses. VEG HEAD FOR LIFE !!!!  I just made her simple tomato soup which turned out quite tasty … my mom even said it was the best she had ever tried! It’s easy to made and only requires a few ingredients! Check out the recipe and pretty pictures here.

Ae we cooked and baked and prepared the only regret I have looking back on it now is that I didn’t photograph nearly enough of what we made  =( Next time I promise to take more photos to share here!! Also, we did most of it at night so forgive the food photography sans natural light!

mixed vegetable cous cous

 Zucchini & Feta cheese fritters

The main meal, fritters with tzatziki & cous cous!

Cashew, almond, sunflower seeds, dried pineapple,

papaya, cherry and raisin honey granola! so yummy

happy cooking & food lovin’ to ya!

See you here again soon,


I received a novel as a gift for Christmas titles, “La Seduction” written by Elaine Sciolino. Sciolino is a brillant American journalist and Paris correspondent and previously served as the New York Times chief diplomatic correspondent and the UN’s bureau chief. She lives in Paris and has expended a great deal of time, energy and journalist resources to uncover the essence of French culture and the idea of Seduction that permeates every facet of their society- affecting the way French people work, play and interact with one another. It examines what Sciolino calls the “pursuit of pleasure”and looks to how seduction itself functions as the key understanding to French life. Anyway, I’m only up to chapter 5 but I am hanging on every word this woman writes…she shares some amazing insights, stories, first hand accounts and historical tidbits that help someone like me, an average 21 year-old very American female, to understand what makes the French culture a desirable thing to emulate, if even in the smallest of ways. Sciolino talks about the differences French and American people view sex itself as well as the art of being seduced for the seducee and seducer. She discusses how each culture views foreplay and how things like glances, touches, flirtation, perceived confidence, infidelity and food culture all contribute to our perception of romance and the degree to which we value the time honored and sensuous interactions between males and females….Sound interesting? IT IS !


Reading this has set me off into a kind of wiki and google image search binge, as I try to drink in as much visual representations of French culture, style and beauty that I am able. Sciolino also mentions iconic French movies on nearly every page and I’ve begun compiling a list of them to watch, which I will share here as soon as it’s finished ! =) For now enjoy these inspiring and beautiful images.

images via this site.

via Harper’s Bazaar here.

from Vanessa Jackman via this site.

Hope your days have been passes by smoothly, keep checking in here ! I appreciate the interest you all express =)