Well now, I most certainly have got Christmas on the brain. Each year, the arrival of the gift giving season always gives me a wonderful excuse to spend some $$$ at the craft store on materials and try my hand at assembling small DIY projects to accompany larger gifts. I’ve never been too keen on buying people generic, kitschy things that seem devoid of personality and if I find myself on a time crunch, I AT LEAST make cards by hand and I go a little nuts using different papers, ribbons, markers and buttons but hey, it’s a ball for me. Which brings me to my latest DIY obsession; making gourmet HOT DRINKING CHOCOLATE MIX as gifts! This year I plan on giving everyone a jar filled with a ingredients to make delicious drinking chocolate (it pretty much consists of only chocolate shavings and cinnamon, which is fine by me. yum) and packaging them in wee little mason jars accompanied with wax paper baggies filled with jumbo marshmallows that have christmas tree cutouts in them. Excessive? I think not. And OF COURSE I shall be sampling this recipe again and again to make sure that it’s perfect before I actually hand them out on Christmas day ; )

SO, I did some research on label designs that I’ll want to reference in my own, which will be tied around the neck of the mason jar along with the wax baggie filled with marshmallows, which will look like this:

except instead of hearts, trees!

For the labels I’m thinking of a romantic, vintage design with hand drawn type. Something that like looks a bit like this chocolate label and the way, “GRACE” is drawn.

love me some bitmap too btw… can never go wrong with that.

Also, using patterns like the ones used here on the Mast Brothers chocolates would look really festive and using the idea of the green borders on the Miss Jessies Meringue label below, would also look really gorgeous!

So that’s my idea in its developing stage, TO THE DRAWING BOARD!  I will be sure to post my progress as I hash out these labels and play with colors and using different papers.

Have a lovely Monday night, stay warm!