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Well howdy. I seem to have inflicted another LONG pause in blogging upon everyone. It was completely unintended but, there it is. This summer I wanted to focus on after-hours personal design work and really enjoy all the things that the Spring and Summer season brought: picnics, weekend trips, gardening, vacations, dinners with friends, and time away from the computer where I could find it. I longed for paperback books and conversations over cocktails, uninterrupted by texts, tweets and uploads. This Summer saw a promotion at work, a best friend engaged, an trip to Aruba with friends & family, the tending of my very first box bed garden, training for runs and devouring cookbooks.

Truth be told, I have struggled in what I envision for this blog and of the surety of my own voice. Sometimes I want a space to post recipes, sometimes I want a space to post informative design critiques and sometimes I want to post about accessible, everyday fashion. I don’t want to limit myself or the themes of any post by slapping on any one identity for the sake of creating a succinct Design Spell “brand”, and having to adhere to it. However, it sometimes seems that an open direction can feel like no direction and I do not wish this blog to become visual stream of consciousness, (only my pre-morning coffee brain should be subject to that!)

So instead, I am recommitted to focusing on sharing in a visual way, my outlook on everyday life and the way I respond to it. I want to strengthen a mentality where I look out on this world with a sense of gratitude and awe, and not take any of the beautiful little things around me for granted. Of this, I am sure and am fully committed. I want people to come into this space and expect to see an assortment of topics, laid out and presented beautifully, with my own personal voice ringing clear through all of it.

So please, bear with me and let’s do this thing right! Expect consistent, visual, delightful and engaging content from here on out! Thanks everyone =)


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If you’ve found your way to this little space on the Internet, I thank you! After following blogs for a long time  I decided to finally start my own! This is Design Spell, my freshly created lifestyle blog that centers around design, art, fashion, photography and anything else that catches my eye! I hail from New Jersey and what I love most is making beautiful things, baking, reading, writing and blogging among a jumbled assortment of other hobbies. I’m always seeking out inspiration for new projects and fodder for DIY projects. I like bright colors, patterns, handmade crafts and clean quirky design as well as the messiness of painting and the preciseness of web design. I creep hard on, adore and could simple wander in book stores all day long. But besides all that, I hope to use this space to get my creative juices flowing and to organize (somewhat) all of my creative endeavors and projects.