Hi all!

Hope Spring is treating you all well! Recently I stumbled upon a great little shop called Rifle Paper Co. and I have quickly become enamored with the line of products featured on their site.  As a designer, I’m always on the lookout for beautiful paper shops that offer quality work. Rifle Paper Co. is a Florida based, 3 year old boutique paper shop run by a Husband & Wife duo who describe their style of design as “nostalgic and timeless”. The  illustrations of animals, bright floral bouquets, hand drawn sentiments and chic metallic patterns,  tug at my heart. They don’t just offer paper, but more day-to-day items such as iphone cases, kitchen accessories and journals. GO take a peeeeeek!


mono_floral_2 mono_floral_1 print_heart_m print_heart_4 ss_hello_m2 ss_hello_m1xbotanicalrose_inlay-KO-m1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.JPXPJIwurh xforestflowers-inlay-KO-m.jpg.pagespeed.ic.S3G2dXV9Od xombre-inlay-KO-m.jpg.pagespeed.ic.HLnRotHmir
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cal_desk_stand_m cal_desk_sept-decThanks for stopping by! Stay inspired!