A chai cranberry spice candle to warm the house 

Where the HELL is time going? October came and went in a happy blur of warm spiced evenings baking breads and downing festive drinks and wandering sun drenched farmlands in the fall air. Well now it’s November and the east coast is coming out of its hurricane coma and back to life after a major storm affected our area, leaving millions without power and more homes devastated then anyone of us ever anticipated.
Anyway, along with the power outages came the closings of multiple coffee shops near me. I realize that not having a place to get your morning cup of coffee is LOW on the totem pole of inconveniences that people are experiencing, but it is something that provides the public with a sense of normalcy and a return to life before the hurricane hit. Because there are still no Starbucks open around me, I decided to make my own Pumpkin Spice Syrup and make a latte that could kick some ass – at home.

As I was perusing recipes, I came upon the blog Savvy Eats which is a new favorite stop for recipe hunting. I tried this coffee shop pumpkin recipe out and it came out nicely although it did settle a bit at the bottom of my cup. I tried it both iced and hot and I think I liked it iced better.


Coffee beans, good and patient, waiting to be roasted.

The final pumpkin syrup housed in a clear jar. It doesn’t look as appetizing as it tastes.

The final iced Pumpkin Spice coffee perfection

OH HEY THERE mini jelly cookies.

It seems that my boyfriend’s grandmother made these and left them out in the open for me to find! Don’t mind if I sneak some to enjoy with my iced coffee. Afternoon snack made in heaven.


Thanks for stopping by everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!