Oh Fall season how I love you!! Fall is always a time of year that I look forward to because of how colorful everything gets and how productive I feel and how I get to wear loose clothes and piles of scarves without feeling like I am intentionally covering up my body which is slipping into an “out of shapeness” that the winter inevitably brings. hem hem

I can’t resist a night tucked into a fall themed dinner and the cold weather that is enjoyed with a hot toddy, seasonal beer or wine. Any excuse to get cozy in my squashed chintz armchair and read a good book and not go out, is one that i’ll take!

A fall themed dinner shared with loved ones. I ❤ a good festive table setting!

Essentials of fall table styling: Warm scented candles, decorative pumpkins, fall colored bowls and plates and a nice bold red wine !

A gooey and deliciously, perfect French Apple Tart. I used Ina Garten’s recipe that can be found here. It’s easy AND looks beautiful

A haunted looking house enveloped in fog

A beautiful cat named misty whom I just enjoy photographing here. No particular relevance to Fall here! don’t hate

Fall to me always means reading outside with a blanket and a pumpkin spiced iced coffee

What are your favorite moments of Fall?

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