Hey all!

So this weekend I was really moving and on Sunday my sister and I took a trip into NYC for a visit to the Metropolitan Museums of Art ! It was a cooperative sunshiny Sunday morning/afternoon filled with Central park bridge photo ops, European painting galore, iced skinny pumpkin lattes and sunshine. Oh and hem hem Shake Shack too. =) Luckily for me, their ShackToberfest was still in full swing and I was able to try one of their Currwurst specials. Bratwurst + Curry Ketchup + Onions on a toasted potato roll = HEAVEN dancing on my tastebuds.

Anyway, food gushing aside, I must say, I always love a good sunday in NYC and a chance to wander the stone hallways of the massive and beautiful MET museum. Museum visits help recharge my creative battery and I like to pause and consider the extraordinary talents of the Old painting masters like Rembrant, Goya, Gérôme, Gainsborough and Bastien-Lepage. As a modern graphic designer, I strive for technical greatness while applying the aesthetics and considerations that print and web designers must consider. Although our medium and audiences have changed greatly from time these great works of art were brushed into existence, I feel that all artists strive for the same thing – to find the expression of their art that is eternal and will speak to audiences across time and space.

The interior ceiling of the lobby inside the MET

Aegina Visited by Jupiter by Jean Baptiste Greuze

 Cupid and Psyche by Antonio Canova (this is just a plaster mold of the original which is housed at the Louvre in Paris!)

something about carved fabrics I find to be hauntingly beautiful

Intricate stonework floors inside the sculpture “garden”

Oh can’t forget my lunch at Shake Shak….enlarge to show detail satisfy my own food porn tendencies. =)

Thanks for stopping by everyone =)