I’m terribly sorry for the nature of this inexcusable, massively overdue post! Since taking a break in March from DESIGN SPELL, a lot has happened! I’ve graduate from college and landed a job as a Junior Art Director, after a long 8 week internship with the company. I’m proud of my hard work that paid off and it’s weird to no be a considered a “professional” in the creative field!  I love what I’m doing and continue to blog, design  and make art in my free time =)

I wanted a share a recipe with ya’ll and it a very simple one for homemade cheese crackers similar to the deplorably grammatically incorrect “cheez its” from Nabisco that are filled with a long list of unfamiliar bad ingredients that I cannot pronounce. These have four simple ingredients: Sharp cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour, butter and sea salt. YUM, major YUM. Enjoy them!