Hello all!!! Lovely to see you here!

So lately, my boyfriend and I have been on an absolute cooking/baking binge and we have spent the near entirety of the last couple of Saturdays food shopping and turning all the colorful ingredients into some pretty awesome meals! We’ve made jars of homemade granola, roasted pear and pepperoni pizza, buttermilk chicken, curried tomato soup, zucchini fritters with tzatziki sauce, lentils and root vegetable soup… the works! Now although food in my eyes is not specifically related to design, the gorgeously run food blogs that inspire me to do the cooking, very much are. Check out www.101cookbooks.com a food blog that has recently  become yet ANOTHER one of my daily check ins for the sweet musings of creator Heidi and the healthy and natural food her creates. Her food photography style reinforces the simple and beautiful quality of her recipes. She is a vegetarian which is another facet that has me hooked because I am always on the lookout for tasty vegetable dishes to make as main courses. VEG HEAD FOR LIFE !!!!  I just made her simple tomato soup which turned out quite tasty … my mom even said it was the best she had ever tried! It’s easy to made and only requires a few ingredients! Check out the recipe and pretty pictures here.

Ae we cooked and baked and prepared the only regret I have looking back on it now is that I didn’t photograph nearly enough of what we made  =( Next time I promise to take more photos to share here!! Also, we did most of it at night so forgive the food photography sans natural light!

mixed vegetable cous cous

 Zucchini & Feta cheese fritters

The main meal, fritters with tzatziki & cous cous!

Cashew, almond, sunflower seeds, dried pineapple,

papaya, cherry and raisin honey granola! so yummy

happy cooking & food lovin’ to ya!

See you here again soon,