It’s procrastination for me as usual as I sit here in my pre-homework restless state, munching on ginger snaps and sippin’ some fine Trader Joe’s tea, perusing some design sites and Etsy shops, stuffed with many pretty things look at despite having a mountain of homework looming behind me. I was feeling a bit drained at the end of last week and I’ve really been conscious of inspiring music/videos/images anything to pull me back up to where I need to be, to get everything done that I need to. Although I love print design, there is something so wonderful about artistic videos and  I wanted to share a few of my favorites here. Both videos are designed around the ethereal and tender music of Josh Ritter and are songs of love and longing, sung with an air of melancholy which makes them all the more beautiful to listen to as a result of their complexly sweet lyrics…

The first is called “The Curse” and I came upon it last Valentine’s Day… sometimes I still here the melody play in the back of my mind on a rainy  day or in a quiet moment alone.. the video follows two quirky  looking puppets (which makes the video all the more sweet), a mummy and a museum curator. The two find in an unlikely position when the mummy, who has aged thousands of years, wakes up and falls in love “with the girl in doorway”…watch it here – The Curse – Josh Ritter.

The second is called “Love Making Its Way Home” is an incredibly complex stop-motion animation film made using over 12,000 sheets of paper which were individually photographed and then strung together in an animation program. Hot damn! Last year in a graphic design course I had to make an accordion folder booklet using only cut paper in 3 colors to illustrate an iconic figure and that alone took me 3 weeks to complete! The labor intensive video is a feat in and of itself and I am in love with all the people who worked those grueling hours to bring the world something this unique and beautiful.. watch it here – Love Making Its Way Home- Josh Ritter

Finally if you have time, check out this video my professor showed us in class today of legendary designer, Michael Wolff called Intel Visual Life. Wolff talks about how his keen and obsessive perception of the world around him has informed his creative endeavors for the past 50 years. Also, check out his really fun and elegantly designed website  here.

Enjoy !

goodnight for now world…