Hello all! Today it’s SNOWING  and the view out of my window at my desk is utterly gorgeous! Nothing makes me happier than to see the world covered in white fluffy snow! We haven’t had much of it so far this winter so it’s making me really happy. I vowed to do nothing today other than read, drink tea and pursue my favorite design sites. Which brings me to miss Katie Daisy, whose work I found via Form Fifty Five. Although I love the states of the earth after a good snowfall, I would be perfectly content with the colors of Katie’s work coloring my world. She churns out the prettiest lettering and illustrative work, beautifully illustrated cards,  phrases and warm sentiments that wrap you up in pretty pastels and elements of nature. Although I feel like an over abundance of her work in your home could begin looking just a bit hokey (ie. Vera Bradley), her work in pockets, can really add a touch of warmth to any space. Images below found through her website.



Just wonderful isn’t it?! she describes herself as a wandering artist. To quote her website, “she draws inspiration from simple pleasures such as a goldfinch song, a cup of chamomile tea, creek swimming, & late night porch swings with her sweetie Luke.” check her out ya’ll, so much to see and swoon over