Hey all!

So I recently came across this calendar designed by artist and animator Abbey Luck called Death on the Mountain. It’s a genius collection of 12 illustrations that depict real-life tragic and gruesome events of deaths on both real and metaphoric mountains. Super creepy yet incredibly compelling to look at, this calendar is a shining example of taking the tragic and  e-appropriating it into delightful artwork. I love when projects function as more than art and evoke thoughts about the events the artist is representing. Finding stuff like this makes me feel more at ease with wanting to illustrate less mainstream and “normal” things, because a lot of the time I am most moved me projects such as this yet reluctant to draw my own versions. What I love most about Luck’s style is how she plays with scale. A lot of the time the focus of the illustration is not necessarily on the action taking place. The most important details are the smallest and she has a wonderful sense of playfulness and humor in the way she represents the tragic accidents.

Buried in Snowstorm

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Exhaustion on the Slopes of Mont Ventoux in the Tour de France

Missed Turn on Winding Mountain Road

Sweet Frisbee Catch Gone Wrong

Asteroid Collision at Cabin Retreat

I originally found the project on The Daily Heller here. Take a look around! Also, Abbey Luck’s portfolio can be found here.