I received a novel as a gift for Christmas titles, “La Seduction” written by Elaine Sciolino. Sciolino is a brillant American journalist and Paris correspondent and previously served as the New York Times chief diplomatic correspondent and the UN’s bureau chief. She lives in Paris and has expended a great deal of time, energy and journalist resources to uncover the essence of French culture and the idea of Seduction that permeates every facet of their society- affecting the way French people work, play and interact with one another. It examines what Sciolino calls the “pursuit of pleasure”and looks to how seduction itself functions as the key understanding to French life. Anyway, I’m only up to chapter 5 but I am hanging on every word this woman writes…she shares some amazing insights, stories, first hand accounts and historical tidbits that help someone like me, an average 21 year-old very American female, to understand what makes the French culture a desirable thing to emulate, if even in the smallest of ways. Sciolino talks about the differences French and American people view sex itself as well as the art of being seduced for the seducee and seducer. She discusses how each culture views foreplay and how things like glances, touches, flirtation, perceived confidence, infidelity and food culture all contribute to our perception of romance and the degree to which we value the time honored and sensuous interactions between males and females….Sound interesting? IT IS !


Reading this has set me off into a kind of wiki and google image search binge, as I try to drink in as much visual representations of French culture, style and beauty that I am able. Sciolino also mentions iconic French movies on nearly every page and I’ve begun compiling a list of them to watch, which I will share here as soon as it’s finished ! =) For now enjoy these inspiring and beautiful images.

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