WHAT a beautiful Sunday morning to wake up to. The sunlight poured in through my bedroom and illuminated the bookcase near by bed. Bleary eyed, I reluctantly pulled off my comforter rolled out of bed and opened up the door to my bedroom to be faced with Christmas music blaring from the stereo system in the living room downstairs . It’s 8:45am. Entirely too early for someone who went to bed at 2 am after writing a research paper all day Saturday. BUT no matter, I shuffled downstairs to pour myself a much-needed cup of coffee and upon opening the cabinet I remembered I had this !

Horray !!!! I thought, Gingerbread cake mix ! The aroma of popping that baby in the oven and waiting for it to bubble and get all golden brown, started my day on the right foot. To me, Sunday’s always feel super long because I’ve usually got dance practice, homework and assortment of clothes lying around my room that need putting away. It’s kind of the discombobulated “get it all done today” sort of thing before the craziness of the week sets in! Anyway, the cake was delicious and for any of you who love the taste of holiday flavors and smells, pick this up! A sure way to get a sweet start to your day =) Trader Joe’s does it again.

Will be back later with pictures of a recent project, stay tuned !