As of late I have been cultivating a slight obsession with perusing interior design sites that feature authentic barns that have been renovated into houses. NOW, be aware that there is a balance to be achieved here and I am VERY picky when it comes to approving or disproving of renovations that people conduct on authentically built structures. I feel that one must go for that perfect happy medium between combining the old with the new, showcasing the original structure of the house while enhancing it with some modern touches that combine to make a proper barn renovation siiiing! However, there are those people who completely annihilate what was once inside and drown it out with sterile looking modern design (ie. modern barn renovation, ekk how much white can one’s eyes handle  !!!) , which may work for you, but most certainly isn’t my cup of tea.

Which now brings me to the images of some of my favorite barn home renovations I have discovered in my travels on the web. Close your eyes a envision it… the warm woods and rustic color palettes, large windows fusing the outside landscapes with the interior of the home, the old barn beams running across the ceilings and books upon books stacked into every nook and cranny…. Now THAT’S living!!!



Image courtesy Bringing Design Home

Images courtesy of 1KindDesign

Images courtesy of House Beautiful




Have a wonderful weekend, stay inspired !