For my Publication Design project we had been given a restaurant project assignment  that required us to design a restaurant from concept to execution. We’re talking a letterhead, logo, menu, envelope, matchbook … everything! I had a BLAST with this project (images soon to follow, still need to photograph!) and found myself racking up innumerable hours on Art of the Menu and Lovely Package . I knew I want top use high contrast colors and thick weighty type and my ideas morphed into conceptualizing a French circus themed restaurant. The restaurant would serve up simple family style fare that is superiorly made with high quality ingredients. They would specialize in specialty loaves of bread, rare cheeses, authentic French desserts and wine. The name, LE FROMAGE DE CIRQUE! which translates into “Cheese Circus!” would give it a fun and lighthearted feel. The restaurant was themed around the aesthetics of old french circus designs and I utilized lots of bright colors and created fun illustrations such as popcorn buckets, cotton candy and wedges of cheese for inside the menu. Also in the menu, there’s a flap where comment cards designed to look like circus tickets which you can use to rate your experience, are neatly tucked inside. Anyway in my search to create a SUPERFLY menu, I gathered up images of my favorite menu layouts and designs featured on Art of the Menu. Here they are!


Pipino: Vegan Dessert cafe in Quezon City, Phillipines.



Dom Rybaka: Svetlogorsk, Russia



Bark Hot Dog: Brooklyn, New York



Market Garden Brewery, Cleveland Ohio

The River Cafe: Girona, Spain


El Burro: Cape Town, South Africa

Happy Thursday!