So, today I went for a short shopping outing at the mall and every time I go in there I feel like 3 stores open for every 1 that closes. Today I stumbled into two stores that I’ve never been into before, ARITZIA and MADEWELL. Now I don’t know how long these places have been around, maybe I have just been distracted by scurrying over to Williams Sonoma and downing fro yo that I passed them by without ever noticing =/ Either way they were NEW to me!  Whenever I go shopping,  I’m always excited by the interior design of the stores almost more than I actually enjoy shopping! These two stores had gorgeous interiors and beautifully designed window displays, lighting and fabrics. Aritzia reminded me of a funkier more urbanized Anthropologie ( <– ahh ) and had great patterns, Toms shoes and glitter on the walls. I wasn’t able to snag any pictures in Aritzia, but I was drooling over the skinny red denim pants  the Talula Gillian Sweater and the Wilfred Baptiste Blouse, what an outfit! However, my dismal bank account would have never been able to withstand such a purchase. -_-

Next, we popped into Madewell. The color palette of the store reminded me a lot of  Ruehl No. 925 which closed down in 2010 ( and good riddens, bags were like 894682 bucks. Uncool.) However, it had a lot of neat vintage elements, like stacked old cameras, industrial lamps and big steel soap dispensers scattered about, which were lovely. BONUS, they had free magazines to grab so naturally I stuffed my Sephora bag with these the publications (graphic designer win !) I photographed them and wanted to share it here because I’m all about their type stacking and color choices, as well and their fun way of arranging floating merchandise in the product catalog.

Neat stuff, huh ? If you get a chance to visit these stores, surely do! They are beautiful examples of how interior design and well executed store concepts influence our decisions to buy and not buy… another thing I find fascinating about consumer culture. DESIGN IS EVERYWHERE!