If you’ve found your way to this little space on the Internet, I thank you! After following blogs for a long time  I decided to finally start my own! This is Design Spell, my freshly created lifestyle blog that centers around design, art, fashion, photography and anything else that catches my eye! I hail from New Jersey and what I love most is making beautiful things, baking, reading, writing and blogging among a jumbled assortment of other hobbies. I’m always seeking out inspiration for new projects and fodder for DIY projects. I like bright colors, patterns, handmade crafts and clean quirky design as well as the messiness of painting and the preciseness of web design. I creep hard on Foodgawker.com, adore Etsy.com and could simple wander in book stores all day long. But besides all that, I hope to use this space to get my creative juices flowing and to organize (somewhat) all of my creative endeavors and projects.